Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

Riding a motorcycle may be an enjoyable experience for most people but there are many risks associated with riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles, by their nature, are less stable than four-wheelers, and operating them requires a higher degree of skill. Motorcycle crashes can also be fatal for the victim. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that around 84,000 motorcyclists were injured and approximately 5,014 were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2019 in the United States. The data from the NHTSA further suggests that motorcyclist fatalities account for nearly 14 percent of the total traffic fatalities in the United States.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A person involved in a motorcycle crash may undergo severe injuries due to the high speed involved. Some common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Head Injuries

Head and brain injuries are one of the most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents. Unlike a car, motorcycles usually do not have a protection mechanism in case of an accident. Motorcycle accidents can lead to head injuries including concussions which may be of severe consequences. One of the ways to prevent a head injury is to wear a helmet, however, motorcyclists can suffer head injuries despite wearing a helmet.

Neck, Back, and Spine Injuries

The neck and spine areas usually remain exposed in a motorcycle crash and can lead to severe injuries. Spinal cord injuries can lead to damage to the victim’s arms and legs and may even result in paralysis.

Road Rash

A road rash injury occurs when a motorcyclist skids along the pavement or the road after an accident. This can lead to his or her skin being lacerated or scraped off. Road rash can cause permanent nerve damage underneath the skin.

Biker’s Arm

A biker’s arm injury occurs when a motorcyclist puts up his or her arm to shield himself or herself from an injury. The arm ends up bearing most of the force of the accident and that can lead to broken bones, paralysis, and even amputations.

Compensation in Motorcycle Accidents

Depending upon the facts and circumstances of a motorcycle accident, the victim may be able to claim the following damages from insurance companies or other parties involved in the accident:

Medical Expenses

This includes the total costs of treatment and rehabilitation. The victim can claim compensation for hospital bills and the cost of medicines, treatment, medical scans, and physical therapy.

Lost Income

If the victim is unable to work due to the injuries caused by the accident he or she can claim compensation for lost wages or lost income.

Pain and Suffering

This includes compensation for the pain caused by the injuries suffered by the victim. This also includes the mental suffering and stress the victim may undergo due to the accident.

Emotional Distress

A motorcycle crash can also cause emotional distress and mental illness to the victim including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. He or she may be able to recover compensation for the same.

Funeral Costs

In case the accident leads to the victim’s death, his or her family may be entitled to receive compensation for the funeral expenses incurred by his or her family.

Hiring an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Victims of a motorcycle accident, in many cases, are not aware of the maximum compensation that can be claimed from the at-fault party. Insurance companies often try to shift the blame on the victim to drive down the value of their settlement offers. An Ohio motorcycle accident attorney can help the victim in getting a fair settlement offer from the at-fault party or the insurance company by hiring accident reconstruction experts, gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, collecting medical records, dealing with insurance companies, and filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit if required.


Have Suffered Injuries in an Ohio Motorcycle Accident?

Every motorcycle accident case is different depending upon the surrounding circumstances. The victim and his or her family often undergo tremendous physical and mental trauma after the accident and may not be in a position to fight a legal battle against the at-fault parties. If you have been injured by a motorcycle accident in Ohio, consider reaching out to us at Ziccarelli & Martello for a free consultation. Our team of seasoned attorneys will make a fair assessment of your claim, fight for the compensation you deserve, and help you get your life back on track.