Violent Crimes in Ohio

Violent crimes are well-defined and recognized under the laws of Ohio. Crimes that involve intentional hurting or violence threats are considered as violent crimes. These crimes have stricter punishments and a violent crime sentence can have life altering consequences. The crime sentence can involve extended jail term or even worse such as death penalty. In addition to the punishment prescribed under the law, there can be collateral damages such as losing child custody in a domestic violence case, reduced employment opportunities or no admission to certain colleges. Violent crimes are prosecuted harshly and proper defense against a violent crime charge is important.

Common Violent Crimes in Ohio

Some of the most common violent crimes in Ohio include:

  1. Assault
  2. Domestic violence
  3. Burglary or home invasion
  4. Robbery
  5. Rape
  6. Manslaughter
  7. Homicide
  8. Murder
  9. Kidnapping
  10. Child abuse

Penalties for violent crimes in Ohio

Violent crimes have serious punishments and penalties. A misdemeanor charge can lead to jail, fine or both. Felony penalties vary from case to case. Generally, the punishments fall into the following categories:

  1. Misdemeanor: Fines upto $1000 and upto 6 months in prison.
  2. First degree felony: Fines upto $20,000 and upto 10 years in prison.
  3. Second degree felony: Fines upto $15,000 and upto 8 years in prison
  4. Third degree felony: Fines upto $10,000 and upto 5 years in prison.
  5. Fourth degree felony: Fines upto $5,000 and upto 18 months in prison.
  6. Fifth degree felony: Fines upto $2,500 and upto 1 year in prison.

Certain violent crimes such as murder can also lead to a life sentence or a death penalty.


Other consequences of violent crimes

Apart from the above mentioned penalties under the law, a person may also face other collateral consequences related to the conviction of a violent crime such as:

  1. Lifelong restriction against firearms possession.
  2. Reduced employment opportunities.
  3. Lifelong registration on the sex offenders registry, limiting employment and residence options.
  4. Ineligibility to contest for public offices or apply to government jobs.
  5. Loss of voting rights during incarceration,
  6. Immigration problems.
  7. Difficulty in getting into college/ graduate school.

Most important thing to keep in mind

When a person is suspect in a violent crime such as assault, murder or homicide, then the most important thing do is exercise one’s constitutional right to remain silent. Any statements made to the police or officers or any third party can have far reaching consequences on a person’s case. It is very important to consult an attorney first and as soon as possible before making any statements. This protects a person against self-incrimination and increases the chances of making a defense under the law.

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