Potential Social Security Disability Changes

The referenced article written by Andy Jones and published by specialneedsanswers.com describes potential changes for social security disability insurance (SSDI) and social security income (SSI) applications and recipients. This proposal would make it more difficult for individuals who do not speak English to qualify for SSDI and SSI benefits. The proposed change in regulation would also effect current SSDI and SSI claimants. The Social Security Administration estimates that this new policy would bar more than 10,000 SSDI and SSI applicants. That estimate does not include those who may lose their benefits through continuing disability review, a revaluation of claimants currently receiving benefits. The Social Security Administration uses a grid system to determine a claimants level of disability. The change in SSDI and SSI regulation would involve a restructuring of the current grid system. This restructuring could mean that current SSDI and SSI recipients may no longer qualify for benefits. If this proposal is approved many could be impacted.