Update on Potential Workers Compensation Changes

This article, written by Jermey Pelzer and published by Cleveland.com, provides an update to a previous blog post that can be found here in where the Ohio Senate sits on the new two year budget plan which included changes in Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation rules and regulations. On June 6th the Senate voted to pass a 17 day budget extension so they can continue to decide on new measures. Legislators could not agree in time to meet the June 30th deadline.

While many factors are holding up the Senates decision, two specific concerns are sited relative to Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation. One being that first responders would now be able to claim PTSD as a work related injury. The second being the requirement of injured workers to attest to their citizenship.

These are major changes to policy and that should not be taken lightly. Once Ohio’s Senate comes to an agreement Workers’ Compensation attorney’s and claimants will be impacted no matter the outcome.